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Queen Maker

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How Do I Overcome The Fear of Retirement?

What happens when pay cheque is withdrawn and all you may have to lean on is your savings?

Bibi Apampa is a Retirement Wealth Coach/Mentor 


She is the International Coordinator of Retirement Wealth Academy.

  Bibi Apampa (Retirement Queen) will coach you and help you build a peaceful, rich, healthy and achievable Retirement Strategy, Build and Grow Wealth, Become A Serial Entrepreneur and Create Multiple Streams of Income For A Stress Free Retirement.

Whether you are retiring soon or in few years from now, the reality and fear of living on your savings and investment if you have one will soon hit hard on you if no concrete preparations are made for your retirement.

Running out of money after you have retired and been out of work for a few years is indeed terrifying.  Just think of it, your increasing expenses due to rising cost of living won’t stop staring at you hence the need for you to decide what kind of life you want after retirement.

So, what are you supposed to do about the reasonable and rational fear of running out of money? The first step is to create a written retirement plan! And I am ready to take you through the journey.

During the coaching sessions with Bibi Apampa you will encounter a Super Wealth Coach, a Business Mentor and a Marketing Queen all in one! A unique and highly powerful combination!

My Passion Is To Build People and Organizations into High Performance Players Making Maximum Impact… Bibi

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Bibi Bunmi Apampa – Successful Serial Entrepreneur,  Chartered Accountant, International Speaker, Trainer, Business Coach and  No1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Bibi Apampa “The QueenMaker” is a High Performance Life & Wealth Coach and a Business Consultant with certification from The Coaching Academy, Cambridge University Uk and Academy of Professional Coaches

An Internationally sought after No1 Amazon Best Selling Author on Personal Transformation  with her book “How To Make Maximum Impact In Life”  hitting No1 on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk on the day it was released 

She is also a Top Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant and Wealth Strategist, who has helped many people improve their lives financially, physically, personally, spiritually and professionally.

Bibi is currently the Director of The Empowerment Centre Ltd, A Chartered Accountant, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Fellow Chartered Institute of Taxation.  An Internationally recognized adviser on Rich Retirement Planning and a regular trainer on Transformational Leadership , Wealth Creation, Financial Empowerment, and Business breakthrough strategies and techniques.

Bibi not only knows how to make money Online, Offline and in between... but she also knows how to coach and mentor successful people, change mindsets … and ultimately lives 

Together we can achieve the greatest results possible within the quickest time frame. 
If you can dream the mountain …      Bibi will help you climb it
Bibi will Develop A Personalized High Performance Coaching Strategy Specifically Tailored  for Your Individual need, environment and situation
Highlights of our Bespoke Programs  
  • Pre-Retirement Training Course  Personalized Plan and Coaching towards a Peaceful, Wealthy, Healthy and Stress-free Retirement. Click Here
  • Financial planning & Wealth Building Course Financial Empowerment Coaching To Build and Grow Sustainable Wealth. Click Here

Best Selling Author Coaching

Build Your Brand with Book,Raise Your Profile and Increase Your influence by Becoming A Published Author

Let us  help you get your book listed, Published and marketed to Best Seller Status on Amazon and Other International Online Book Sales Portal 

Celebrity Branding 

Building Authority, Celebrity, Best seller and Expert Status

Let us  help you Build your Brand, Raise your Profile, Increase Your Influence Manage your online presence, make you famous in your industry   

Empowerment Coaching

Empowering You to Succeed Excel and Prosper. Step into your Power Zone

Set and Achieve your Goals, find your Passion, Maximize your Potential, Design your Lifestyle, Network  effectively and Leave A Legacy 


Serial Entrepreneur Coaching

Aquire Wealth and Business Building Skills. Create Multiple Streams of Income on Autopilot 

 Let us work together to start and grow your business taking it to the next level with no glass ceiling



Remember Your Dream Does Not Exist You Have To Create It!

    Join the Coaching / Mentoring Circle Today

Let me ask you a few questions. Do you: 

  • wish to develop your imagination and mindfulness;
  • wish to be more influential and charismatic;
  • wish to enliven and enrich your conversations;
  • wish to be highly valued by your friends;
  • wish to tap into minds of others at some deep level;
  • need your offers and ideas accepted, impart unforgettable messages and speak with authority;
  • wish to invoke and capture stories to make sense of and respond to situations;
  • wish to succeed and get the perfect results when faced with some crucial conversations? 

Many people know what they’d like to transform their lives, but don’t have the resources or knowledge on how to do something about it.

What if you could easily flip a switch and experience:

  • Greater Success
  • Better Relationships
  • Real Confidence
  • More Happiness
  • Multiple streams of sustainable income 

It is possible to have it all. You are about to embark on an exciting journey with an amazing guide who understands you and wishes nothing more than to help you improve your life personally and financially You can ultimately break free from whatever it is that is holding you back!

I look forward to seeing you at the top 

To your success,

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